Hop Flood

hop-flood-bottlesKeeping with the brotherhood of Quaff Bros, we turned to our friends to the north in Rivertown Brewing out of Lockland for our 6th addition of exclusively made, rare barrel-aged beers. Using the great flood of 2011 on the Ohio River for our name, we asked them to make us a beer packed to the brim with fresh hops. The result is Hop Baron, Rivertown’s Double IPA, which was then soaked in a freshly used Four Roses Bourbon Barrel, with additional hops added. You’ll find flavors of vanilla, coconut and cedar caused by the barrel as well as fresh herbs and biting bitterness from the use of multiple hop strands. At over 9% abv we hope you enjoy our newest addition of local and exclusively handmade beers from the Quaff Bros.