Figgy Pudding

Figgy-Pudding-BottlesThe fourth release in the Quaff Bros line of limited edition Bourbon Barreled Ales, Figgy Pudding is a spiced ale that was brewed using figs, spice and honey and rested over 90 days in Bourbon barrels originating from Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. A flavorful spiced ale with notes of fig, vanilla, cedar and spice. The finish is endless with dried fruits, toffee and brown sugar. The first beer in the Quaff Bros line not to be single barrel aged, instead aged in two barrels from the same distillery and both freshly emptied. 764 bottles produced.


Two-Row Pale, Crystal 60, Read Wheat, Victory and Chocolate malts
Strisselspalt, Challenger and Cascade hops
White Labs Nottingham yeast
Gravity: 1.087
ABV: 10%