Quaff Bros. Limited Edition Single Barrel Ales

Presented exclusively by The Party Source, the Quaff Bros. line of Single Barrel Ales has been developed to honor our tremendous group of better-beer faithful customers who seek tasty, flavorful beers with identity. This small batch collection represents both the passion of homebrewing and the essence of microbrewing. In fact, with production runs yielding less than 20 cases per batch, these beers might be best categorized as micro brews.

The BIG Idea

What happens when a merry band of beer geeks gets the boss' permission to create and sell righteously good craft beers? Well, in our case it was pretty simple (minus the delightful governmental approval process) - create quaffs (better ales) for quaffers (drinkers of better ales) that are flat-out quafferiffic (very great or intense single barrel ales).

After some good-natured sparring over recipe development, we set out to find not only a local brewer, but a local brewer who had the chops to successfully marry style and flavor with careful barrel aging. Enter our friend and fellow Quaff Bro, Mike Dewey of Cincinnati's Mt. Carmel Brewing Co. Mike and Mt. Carmel are known throughout the region for their impeccably clean, style-forward beers, which gave us the confidence necessary to actualize our unique recipes for the full satisfaction of our better-beer faithful customers.

Next, we immediately tapped our relationships with some of the finest distilleries and wineries in the world to secure used barrels in which to age the brews, creating beers with distinct identities and vastly complex flavor profiles.

Lastly, we needed a concise yet memorable brand to easily convey our mission as a merry band of beer geeks to create quafferiffic Single Barrel Ales for fellow better-beer lovers. Quaff Bros. it is!

The Quaff Bros.

Talk about an unlikely group of beer geeks! This ensemble cast includes two homebrewers, a bourbon and scotch expert, a foodie, a history buff, two bald guys, and a Mexican-American known affectionately as the "good doctor", with day jobs at The Party Source as beer, wine, spirits and marketing staff.



The Single Barrel Ales:


Jones' IPA

Released December 2009. The inaugural beer, Jones' IPA is a strong ale with a mesmerizing gold-amber hue, complex aromatics, a creamy, round mouthfeel, flavor notes of vanilla, coconut, butterscotch and toffee intermingled with balanced hops and bourbon passages, and a smooth, clean finish. This delicious sipper was aged in a barrel of new American charred white oak from a distillery in Lawrenceburg, KY used to age Bourbon whiskey of 60% corn, 35% rye and 5% barley malt for over 8 years. 382 bottles produced.


Pale ale, 2-row lager, Munich & Victory malts.
Galena, Fuggle and Kent Golding hops.
Nottingham yeast.
Gravity: 1.067
ABV: 7.5%


Tripel Rot

The second release in the Quaff Bros line of limited edition Single Barrel Ales, Tripel Rot is a Belgian-style Tripel with a decidedly unique, thoughtfully harmonious twist - aging in a wine cask from one of Napa Valley's most prestigious wineries, imparting delightful touches of spice, fruit and oak to the brew. This delicious sipper was aged in a barrel of new French oak used to age botrytized dessert wine made up of Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc varietals for almost 3 years. 382 bottles produced.


Pilsen, Munich & 2-row lager malts
Styrian Goldings & Sterling hops
White Labs 525 yeast
Gravity: 1.073
ABV: 8.8%


Nola's Rye

The third release in the Quaff Bros line of Single Barrel Ales, Nola's Rye is a strong ale with widely varied notes of coconut, white chocolate, caramel, roasted nuts, lavender, biscuits, and a nice dose of rye on the nose. Hefty on the palate, there is a quick rush of maple sweetness before the acidity takes over, giving way to the spicy heat of rye. While the 9% ABV is prevalent, it is not overpowering. This deliciously complex sipper was aged in a barrel used to age the always in demand Sazerac Rye Whiskey. 382 bottles produced.


Maris Otter, UK Pale Ale, UK Pale Ale 6-row, Rye, Munich 10, and Crystal 60 malts
Flaked Rye
Tettnang, Sterling and Saaz hops
Nottingham yeast
Gravity: 1.080
ABV: 9.0%


Figgy Pudding

The fourth release in the Quaff Bros line of limited edition Bourbon Barreled Ales, Figgy Pudding is a spiced ale that was brewed using figs, spice and honey and rested over 90 days in Bourbon barrels originating from Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. A flavorful spiced ale with notes of fig, vanilla, cedar and spice. The finish is endless with dried fruits, toffee and brown sugar. The first beer in the Quaff Bros line not to be single barrel aged, instead aged in two barrels from the same distillery and both freshly emptied. 764 bottles produced.


Two-Row Pale, Crystal 60, Read Wheat, Victory and Chocolate malts
Strisselspalt, Challenger and Cascade hops
White Labs Nottingham yeast
Gravity: 1.087
ABV: 10%